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JLB Chats w/ Yossarion + Farcevalue (22-Dec-2017)

JLB Chats w/ Yossarion + Farcevalue (22-Dec-2017)

December 22, 2017

Are the people who run the show 'evil'? Do 'paid shills' really exist? What evidence is there to prove it? How much responsibility ought we take for our own lives? Is the system as bad as some people believe and, if so, why do we continue to play our roles in the system?

On Wednesday, 20-Dec-2017 I made another appearance in the Fakeologist audichat Discord server. I was accompanied first by Yossarion from Queensland, Australia, and later by Farcevalue from the United States.

This podcast features that discussion (unedited, save for some sound level adjustments) along with introductory and closing thoughts recorded on Friday, 22-Dec-2017.

Music track used: 'Chill Wave' by Kevin MacLeod of

JLB Talks with Tom - Pt 1 (14-Dec-2017)

JLB Talks with Tom - Pt 1 (14-Dec-2017)

December 16, 2017

A few weeks ago I enjoyed a wide-ranging conversation with Tomfoolery of the ISS, a YouTuber who rose to prominence in the ACT realm with his series As The Potato Turns, an ingenious mockery of the clowns and charlatans at the top of the Flat Earth food chain.

These days Tom spends his time creating content to amuse himself and others, having seen through the pointless and self-defeating negativity at the heart of the so-called 'truth movement'.

In Part 1 of our chat Tom explains his latest comedic creation, 'Bi-Law Man', and what he saw when he attended his first public protest 'in character'.

Topics discussed include:

The August 2017 'Unite the Right' Car Plough event in Charlottesville

The subsequent protests which were held in Vancouver

Mass immigration into western countries, 'White nationalism', Antifa, and the 'It's Okay To Be White' campaign

...and much more.

Part 2 available at

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