John le Bon

Meta Fe | Ep #01 | ‘As The Potato Turns’ (12-Dec-2016)

December 13, 2016

Meta Fe is finally, officially in season, and the first episode features a perfect guest to get the show rolling. Tomfoolery of the ISS (Tom) has recently attracted attention for his YouTube series entitled 'As The Potato Turns', a comical summary and analysis of the Flat Earth-themed reality-YouTube drama brought to us by the likes of Patricia Steere and her 'FEOHP'. Tom's series is set as a parody, with each episode in the series offering a concise synopsis of the broader story arc at the centre of Steere's serial (as well as related shows).

Meta Fe is a sporadically-scheduled interview/roundtable vodcast/podcast focused on the meta aspects of the 'Flat Earth renaissance' which has taken the 'alternative media' scene by storm since early 2015. Rather than petty debates about the shape of the earth, Meta Fe focuses on questions regarding the sociology and psychology of the Flat Earth scene: who is leading this online 'movement'? Who is following, and why? How do these people interact with one another, and how do the social dynamics evolve over time? Where is this 'movement' headed, and what does it teach us about the 'truth movement' in general?

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