John le Bon

Meta Fe | Episode #00 | ‘Are Flat Earth Leaders Psychopaths?’ (7-Nov-2016)

November 10, 2016

The rising star of Flat Earth, Patricia Steere, has been accused of psychopathy by her ex-lover, and fellow Flat Earth promoter, Antonio Subirats. Live, on the air. Other FE believers are struggling with the latest fallout. We discuss all of this and more. FE is the gift which keeps on giving. Reality TV at its finest. So you think you live on a spinning ball? Or a flat disc? Who cares! Let's put our differences aside and enjoy the best drama money can't buy... or can it?

This is the second 'pilot' episode of Meta Fe, the latest podcast/vodcast hosted by JLB. Season One is due to launch in November 2016. Meta Fe is a show above and beyond the regular Flat Earth scene on YouTube. Rather than petty debates about the alleged shape of the earth, Meta Fe is dedicated to the deeper questions which have arisen as a result of the Flat Earth renaissance. For more information, watch/listen to Episode #0, where all is explained.

Guests for Episode #00 include: Tim Osman (aka Cognitive Dissonance), Cathexis, EdUpsidedownHead, and 'Isa'.

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