John le Bon

Meta Fe | Episode #000a | ‘Why Do FE Promoters Censor Skepticism?’ (14-Nov-2016)

November 15, 2016

The LobeBusters and Potatoheads claim to be here for truth, so why do they censor dissent in the chat? If they have a 'working FE model', why do they get so upset when people in the livechat ask where to find it? When did honest skepticism become so taboo? In this episode of Meta Fe, we look at these questions and more. Then to round out the show, a surprise cameo, with some thought-provoking questions...

This is the third 'pilot' episode of Meta Fe, the latest podcast/vodcast hosted by JLB. Season One is due to launch in November 2016. Meta Fe is a show above and beyond the regular Flat Earth scene on YouTube. Rather than petty debates about the alleged shape of the earth, Meta Fe is dedicated to the deeper questions which have arisen as a result of the Flat Earth renaissance. For more information, watch/listen to Episode #0, where all is explained.

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